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  Community Survey Report

  List of Programs & Services:
Bureau of Hospital & Clinical Services
Dr. Kathy Ngemaes Maddision, OBGYN , Director
Division of Ancillary Services -  Jason Nolan
Division of Medical Services -  Dr. Yuriko Bechesrrak
Bureau of Public Health Services
Berry Moon Watson, MPH, Director
Division of Primary & Preventive Services -  Sherilynn Madraisau
Division of Oral Health Services -  Beatrix Taima
Division of Environmental Health -  Eden R. Uchel
Division of Behavioral Health Services -  Everlyn B. Temengil
Office of Public Health Epidemiology -  Dawn Fitzgibbons
Office of Public Health Information Systems -  Bernice Elchuus
Office of Health Promotion & Community Advocacy -  Gaafar Uherbelau
Office of Public Health Finance & Administration -  Myla Mira
Bureau of Nursing Services
Jennifer Anastasi, Director
Clinical Nursing -  Antonnette Merur
Public Health Nursing -  Patricia Maech
Hospital Administation & Support Services
Janice Mathews, Administrator
Office of Human Resource Services -  Marleen Ngirametuker
Office of Budget & Finance Services -  Analee R. Maidesil
Office of Health Information Systems Services -  Michele Murray
Office of Facilities & Maintenance Services

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